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From additional Teleport in Jangan Town

u can teleport to the few other special locations:


Shops Area

The place, where located Avatar Sellers, D12, D13 and D14 items sellers, Event NPC, Item Mall items seller, Stones and Adv Elixirs seller.

Newbie Town

The place, where u can find Daily quest NPC, Free titles NPC, More titles NPC, d13 awaken system and exchanger. Also u can find there blacksmiths, poition and protector sellers.

Roc Cave area

The place, where Roc spawn.

Bone Roc area

The place, where Bone Slayer Roc spawn.

Gods Area

The place, where spawn few uniques, include Magical Roc, Physical Roc, Devil Shaitan, etc…

Event Area

Where spawn 101 lvl uniques. With other player's help u can be powerleveled there.

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