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Like with PayPal Silks are delivered automatically if your transaction was successful. If you have any question about it ask in email

Go to our website, login and from menu choose Donate.

You will find something like this, payment options are country based, also this system have many languages (check upper right corner flag)

After you will finish successfully your order Silks will be delivered to your account. You can be in game, but to refresh Silks change map or use teleport scroll.

Also be sure you have logged in right account on website.

Amount of silks, that u see on the charge page during any events (x2,x3 rates , etc…) Is already calculated based on current event's rates.

If you see any error in prices maybe or other things don't hesitate to contact us

Paypal is still available, you also get a little bit bonus with direct PayPal donation.

Since we just started this system help us to make it better if something is not working, no need to flame,spam etc.

If you have private questions or problems with donation email us to , do not post in forum post your emails, account name or other vulnerable information. Also we will never ask you for password and never send it to anyone.

Here is a list of available payment system. (Click to enlarge)

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