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Weapons and shields EGY A/B have same stats as D14 weapons/shields

Way to get Egy weapons/shield (or to change Egy Weapons/shield to general d14):

There are added new NPC (in Shop area and Jangan near Storage) Weapon Change Scrolls

You can find there ALL D14, Egy A & B Weapons and Shields scrolls.

How to use:
1) Buy scroll you need, for example you have D14 Bow and wish Egy B 2H Sword, so you buy Egy B 2H Sword scroll from NPC.
2) !!!IMPORTANT!!! Put your Weapon (or Shield) in PAGE 1 SLOT 1
3) Use scroll, you will be teleported and item would be changed, no more actions required.

Video how to use scrolls. D14 icons are different, so, pay attention at NPC :

Also you can buy Egy A and Egy B weapons/shields at Shops Area, Item Mall NPC.
This weapons cost 10.000 Silks, so they come with some bonuses (to get them, need to email me at if I'm not in game [GM]Navmesh no other GMs can help you with this.)
* +10 bonus plus (Buy +11 at NPC, add AdvD Elixir +4, bonus +10) so you can get in the end +25
* 2 Free Rollbacks for this Weapon (not other weapons you have)
P.S. You can apply for this bonus if you purchased 10k Egy B before, but only if item was purchased with your silks and you didn't buy this item from players in game.

China Egy class A:

China Egy class B:

Euro Egy class A

Euro Egy class B:

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