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Important to know!

1. To vote you need at least lvl 120 or to a Character with 1 or more Reborns. If you have at least 1 Reborn, you can vote with any level.
2. You can vote every 12 hours on each services.
3. Captcha is mandatory to count your vote!!!
4. Silks are given within maximum 5 minutes after a successful vote.

  • - How do I know that the vote was successfully counted?
1. You will receive your silks after click on our server Banner, to come back to ExaySRO.
2. There will a 12h/24h timer appear instead of the ‘Vote’ buttons.
  • - Vote can not be counted because of the following reasons:
1. You have voted for our server without entering the captcha.
2. A vote has been already counted from your IP address/Login.
3. Our server didn’t receive a ‘postback’ from Xtreme/GTOP. In this case repeat the vote in 12/24 hours.
  • - What if I try to cheat with more then one account or proxies?
 Your story at ExaySRO will end prematurely.

How to get free Silks :

( short guide, check Gtop and Xtreme Top100 for images )

  1. Click on image of Xtreme or GTOP
  2. Once you get redirected you can vote, please be careful at this step.
  3. Resolve the Captcha correctly, after click on “Vote for ExaySRO…” text.
  4. After voting, click on our server Banner, to come back to ExaySRO and get silks.
  5. Remember, that you will not get silks if not do all this steps correctly.
  6. If you have more accounts, you can vote only one every 12 hours.
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