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How to Reborn:

You can perform a Reborn on characters with lvl 130 that meet requirements.

After being rebirthing, your character will be set to level 1 with stats reset!

Every Reborn will add 10 free stat points, for example:

*at 40 Reborns you will have 400 free stats.

Reborns before 35 are free

For 35+ reborns you must pay Gold to have a `Super Reborn`.

Every new rebirth will cost more, for example:

*Reborn count * 2.5 bil = PRICE FOR REBORN.

36 reb * 2.5 bil = 90 billions.

  • 36rb=90bil,
  • 37rb=92.5bil,
  • 38rb=95bil,
  • 39rb=97.5bil,
  • 40rb=100bil.

So be sure your character is level 130, that you have enough gold in inventory, and that you are logged out. You can keep gold in inventory, only gold needed for Reborn will be removed!!! Also you can keep items on character while rebirthing.

Al operations with reborns u can do after login on our WebSite in a User CP section.

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