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Rollback your failed item.

If you failed your item plus (or destroyed) you can recover it with silks. Your item was +25 you try +26 and fail, you can get it back.

Weapons +20 or lower = 5.000 Silks
Weapons from +21 to +29 = 10.000 Silks
Weapons from +30 to +34 = 25.000 Silks
Weapons +35 and up = 50.000 Silks

To use this new feature, you must keep your failed item, because I will check logs All this will be done manually, so you have to request on email, same like with item change.

Email with this info:
Item(s) AND plus:
Date/Hour when was failed:
Screenshot welcomed.

Some Q/A about restore, will post here what people ask and is confusing.
Q: If I failed item before event (+12 bonus) how can I get it with restore plus?
A: If you had item +21 as example before +12 bonus,you can restore 21+12=33 for 25k silks, only issue is-
you must have that old item in your inventory and I should find this in logs.
Q: Can I change Shields too?
A: Yes =)\\

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