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Server Rules (Deutsch)
Nuevas Reglas en español
Правила сервера на Русском
חוקי המשחק
قوانين اللعبة

Server Rules

  • - Buying/Selling/Trading/Donating/Sharing accounts is forbidden, users who decide to break this rule will get permanent ban.
  • - Buying/Selling gold/items for real money is forbidden(sharing items with other players is forbidden), users who decide to break this rule will get permanent ban.
  • - Advertising other servers or trying to lure people on whisper to other server is forbidden, users who decide to break this rule will get permanent ban.
  • - There will be no racism of any kind or insulting towards players or group of players, users who decide to break this rule will.. -depending on the gravity of the situation- get banned or warned(second time will result in ban).
  • - Scamming/Stealing of any kind (account/items) is forbidden, users who break this rule be banned permanently with no right of appeal.
  • - Spamming/CAPSLOCK in global chat, as well as talking extensively in other languages in global chat is not allowed, perpetrators will be dealt with in a way that is appropriate to the particular circumstances.
  • - For better communication and understanding certain situations, do not talk to GMs in languages other than English or you might be ignored.
  • - There will be no tolerance for vulgar/offensive/racist names/guild names/job names/etc, you will have to change it or there will be consequences.
  • - It is forbidden to insult/talk in a rude way about the server or server staff and so on, breaking this rule will result in instant permanent ban.
  • - Bug abusing is forbidden, if you happen to find a bug, you must report it to a staff member or else… depending on the situation we might block your account.
  • - Using more than 1 client(from same ip) in one place (where you can get any kind of advantage over other players for example Trade (caravans), events/event area/unique location/daily quests/FortressWar/PVP/Arena/CTF/etc) is not allowed(it is allowed for stalls/exchange between accounts/players), whoever decides to break this rule regardless of the consequences will be banned 1day/week/permanent. The afk-bot method at unique spawns around the map is not allowed either.
  • - Regarding pvp and pvp areas: - it is FORBIDDEN to harass/zerk players that are doing 1v1 pvp(if it happens by mistake… apologize, but don't abuse this “mistake”)
  • - making party and using any kind of outside buff-PAIN/STR/INT/HEALING/BLESS/WARRIOR BUFFS/etc in order to atack/gang other players in pvp is not allowed(exception FTW/CTF/ARENA/GUILDWAR)
  • - Causing any kind of trouble/drama/flame, or harassing other players verbally will have consequences.
  • -Bot Auto-Invite in towns, please disable it.
  • - Lying/Forging evidence and falsely accusing/reporting someone on forum/staff with the intent of getting that person banned will result in your account getting banned permanently.
  • - DO NOT TRY to find loopholes/excuses to these rules thinking you will get away, we will find you, and we will ban you, and depending on the gravity of the situation, 3rd parties involved will be banned to.If you see/hear someone breaking/trying to break a rule report it to staff members.
  • - Do not attempt to use any 3rd party programs/bots that spam(advertising/selling/etc), users who decide to break this rule will get permanent ban.
  • Example: In case we get multiple scammer reports, and thier IPs are from same city/area, we might consider banning the entire area in order to prevent future attempts.
  • -ANY ABUSE with Academy will result in ban for your accounts.(other own chars, paying others to register new chars and join academy)
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