Starting Guide


On the Website you can download the client.
[Image: Screenshot-1.png]

And while client download make sure to check the rules.

Sometimes there could be a problem when you start client and it gives an error, either you can go ahead and use the search function in forum or go here and check the most common errors. If you still have any problem you can always enter our chat groups (telegram ; Discord) and ask for help. DON'T BE SHY 

When you create your character it will automatically have a +31 DG14 set/acc and a +46 weapon/shield (depending on your weapon selection)
Part of every char STARTING KIT is: 1k MP/HP Potions, 10 100% Move Speed Potions, 20 Berserk gauge refill potion, Wolf Growth pet, Rabbit Ability pet, 1 Day Pet clock, 50 30% Damage absorption/increase, 50 Ressurection Scroll, 50 Reverse Scrolls, 1 Avatar, 1 +5 Devil Spirit and 10k Arrows/Bolts



 And as a bonus we give 150 Reborns to every new character.
[Image: SRO-2020-12-30-12-36-20-99.jpg]

Reborn is the main system of this server for each reborn you get 10 extra stat points and to do a reborn you need to reach LvL 130 login on website and choose the reborn option.

[Image: photo-2020-12-30-13-40-39.jpg]
currently max reborns are 269, that means you can get 2690 extra stat points.

Now about where to go, at LvL 1 the easiest method is to join a party in Event Arena, you have usually players botting there 24/7 just check [E]Party Match and you can reach LvL 101-110 in no time.

[Image: photo-2020-12-30-15-53-18.jpg][Image: SRO-2020-12-30-12-36-32-70.jpg]

After reaching your desired LvL, you can teleport to Baghdad area where the mobs are all 130 and LvLup

[Image: SRO-2020-12-30-12-36-34-47.jpg][Image: SRO-2020-12-30-12-36-40-71.jpg]

And you can always open [E]Party Match and find a party to help you LvLup

[Image: SRO-2020-12-30-13-12-44-11.jpg]

GB can be gotten via quest in Newbie Town and Arena Coins are dropable from Mobs
[Image: Screenshot-3.jpg][Image: Screenshot-4.jpg][Image: Screenshot-5.jpg]

But beware this is not the endgame, max DG is 21 for weapons only while rest of gear is 15dg. So there is still something left to do after you have done all steps in this guide Smile